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Why Should I Care About Points?

In New York, the Department Of Motor Vehicles will charge a Driver Assessment Fee if you accumulate 6 or more points in an 18 month period calculated by date of violation. The fee is $300.00 ($100 a year for three years). For every point over six, an additional $75.00 is charged. Additionally, an accumulation of 11 or more points in an 18 month period will result in the suspension of a NY driver license. If you are from out of state, NY will transmit convictions to your home state and you may be assessed points on your home state license as well.

It is very important that your attorney understands that when you are convicted of a traffic offense in New York, the state in which you are licensed will be notified by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. This means that you may be assessed points on your home state license, as well as your New York driving record. This fact must be considered when your attorney enters a plea to a charge on your behalf. We represent drivers from all over the United States and Canada.

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