Albany NY Defense Lawyer Testimonials

“Not sure how I came across Christian’s profile, but he helped me years ago on a traffic ticket. Great guy, patient and easy to work with.”

– Michael

“He reduced 20+ mph speeding ticket to 10mph. and I saved over $600 fines to $200. I was unfamiliar with upstate NY ticket and what to do, but Chris helped me like a champ. Good guy!”

– Ewan

“Amazing, he got my speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket. Will recommend definitely.”

– Zihan

“Thank you very much for successfully bringing this to a closure.  Really appreciated your help.”

– Kamesh

“Thank you for your work on this. It was a real pleasure working with you.”

– Hamilton

“Christian is a professional, experienced lawyer who goes above and beyond to make sure his clients receive the best possible outcome of their legal case. I have referred many friends to Christian and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a lawyer in the Upstate NY area.”

– Jennifer

“Christian, was a pleasure to deal with you in this uncomfortable case, at least to me. Your outstanding performance will not be forgotten. Thank you very much.”

– Adam

“He was able to reduce numerous points to 0. Excellent lawyer! I would definitely recommend.”


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